Holographic Content Creation: Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality
Hologram creation

It is the mixture of a very real physical object with a digital sequence which will be integrated into a whole.

For a strikingly realistic result, without any equipment for your visitors to wear (no glasses or helmets, etc.).

Imagine in the window, a perfume on which a butterfly would land to ignite the bottle of scents… or a luxurious watch and project a presentation video explaining its entire mechanism… See the elements unleashed before your eyes: water, ice, smoke , fire, lightning without ever taking the slightest risk. Wow effect guaranteed! Sales and contacts multiplied by 5.6..by 10 depending on the animation effects chosen!!!

Create magic!

The use of holographic animations in mixed reality allows you to add a digital layer to any object: works of art, jewelry, perfumes…

Display technical information, indicate the ingredients that make up your product or animate elements in a spectacular and never before seen way!

Mixed Reality is the ideal tool to enhance a product.

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