Holographic adhesive film for window

Holographic rear projection
Clear adhesive film

Transform your store window into a giant holographic display that will impress passers-by.

The holographic adhesive film allows you to project holograms onto any glass surface. Opaque at only 5%, the film, once installed, is almost invisible to the naked eye but when you broadcast an animation from a projector, the image is displayed perfectly on the window, transforming it into a transparent screen.

It’s the ideal technology to liven up your store windows at night. Projecting human-sized holograms, presenting a particular product or highlighting a complete range are some of the possibilities offered by transparent holographic adhesive film.

Transform your store!

The holographic adhesive film is placed very simply on the window and is almost invisible, which allows you to use the window in a “classic” way even when no projection is active.

Use mixed reality by combining real products in your windows with holographic 3D animations broadcast or communicate with messages impacting the night.

Key features

Simplified installation

The holographic adhesive film is simply placed on a glass surface. Clean the area to which the film will be applied beforehand then, using soapy water, apply it like a conventional adhesive.

This technique has several advantages: you have time to position your film as you wish and allows you to have a clean installation, without air bubbles. The film will be invisible to your audience and will allow you to project holograms at night.

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Technical specifications

  • Dimensions
    • Length: from 1 meter
    • Height: 1m50 length*
  • Material: optical projection film
  • Opacity: 95% transparent
  • Viewing angle: 180°
  • Thickness: 120µm

* To cover a larger surface, it is possible to stick several pieces of film, the separation being invisible.


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