ZED holographic iPad display case

Holographic display case
ZED iPad

Improve your point of sale by offering true-to-life holographic animations with the ZED iPad showcase!

Working with a 9.7″ iPad, the ZED iPad holographic showcase allows you to broadcast striking holographic animations! Thanks to its special treated glass optics, the reflection of the iPad screen (located in the top drawer) allows you to have a sharp, high definition and incredible quality rendering.

Project promotional messages in a spectacular way or enter the world of mixed reality by superimposing holographic animations on real products!

The ZED iPad showcase is also the ideal tool for a mobile holographic solution since its compact and removable shape allows you to have a system for projecting professional holograms in just a few seconds.

An incredible mobile solution

La vitrine holographique ZED pour iPad vous permet d’afficher des hologrammes qui impressionneront votre audience. Sa forme de petite taille en fait l’outil de communication idéal pour des présentation lors d’événements professionnels ou de salons.

La vitre en verre propose une optique spéciale qui vous garantie un hologramme en haute définition et très lumineux. 

Key features

Mixed reality hologram

The ZED iPad holographic showcase allows you to create mixed reality animations!

By placing a real product (perfume, jewelry, etc.), it is possible to superimpose holographic animations: hot spots, product highlighting, messages, etc.

This increases the impactful effect of the POS and adds a touch of magic to the product!

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Technical specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 20.4cm
    • Width: 31cm
    • Depth: 25.5cm
  • Resolution: iPad 9.7″
  • Power: 100-240V
  • Operation: Continuous: 24/7
  • Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufacturing: Europe


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