Display NFTs in 3D hologram

Display your NFT collection in hologram

Display your collection of NFTs in an innovative and secure way thanks to our professional holographic solutions.

Hologram Studio offers you a unique system that allows you to transform your NFTs into a hologram to display your collection in a secure and original way as true works of art.

The hologram allows you to visualize your NFT’s in 3D while giving a “futuristic” appearance. A medium that is much more impactful than a simple JPG image in an OpenSea collection for example.

Displaying an NFT like a true work of art is now very easy thanks to our next generation holographic solutions!

How to transform an NFT into a hologram?

Our 3D design and creation studio supports you in adapting your graphic elements into 3D holograms for a professional quality rendering.

You will be able to show your collection of NFTs whether you are creators or collectors in your showroom, your professional or private space….

Transformer une NFT en hologramme 3D

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