Mobile holographic system

Mobile display
Holographic plate

The mobile holographic plate is the ideal solution for temporarily broadcasting human-sized holograms.

The mobile holographic plate allows you to broadcast large holographic animations on stage, for a show or any other event. This is the perfect system for retransmitting a person’s speech at real size, for example.

You can also use it as a transparent kakemono to display your information in an innovative way that will impress but above all captivate your audience.

Easily removable, the mobile holographic plate can be installed in a few minutes in any sufficiently dark place.

The human-sized hologram

With the mobile holographic plate, it is possible to display a person in full and in real size.

You will be able to project a person, make them appear with magical effects and reinforce their speech with floating 3D key elements for example.

The mobile holographic plaque will add a touch of magic to your event!

Key features

Stunning transparent kakemono!

The plate for diffusing mobile holograms also allows you to use it as a transparent kakemono to give a futuristic side to your event.

Animated logo, 3D holographic mascot or the key points of your service… This new avant-garde way of presentation will allow you to captivate your audience and make an impression.

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Technical specifications

  • Plate dimensions:
    • Width: 1 meter
    • Height: meters
  • Display surface: 185cm x 100cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Material: Plexiglas + adhesive holographic film
  • Viewing angle: 180°
  • Projector power: 6,000 lumens
  • Operation: Continuous: 24/7
  • Manufacturing: Europe


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