White holographic veil

Rear projection
Holographic Veil

Create stunning illusions for your stage event with the white holographic veil!

The holographic veil, also called holographic tulle, is THE solution to energize your stage performance by offering 3D animations that will impress your audience: 3D logo, key figures, quotes, graphics…!

Hang it using its numerous attachments and broadcast an animation using a projector (motion design, 3D mascot, speaker, etc.) in no time! Easily transportable, it is the least bulky solution which is perfect for temporary installations.

Offer a magical show!

Create illusions that defy reality with the holographic veil! Used on stage, you can project breathtaking 3D animations that will captivate your audience. Simply mix real and virtual for a stunning result!

Boost your services by offering a new dimension to your avant-garde event!

Key features

Captivate your audience

Using the holographic veil during a professional presentation ensures that you captivate your audience by showing them normally static data in an innovative way.

During a seminar, conference or professional meeting, the use of 3D hologram graphic elements allows you to make an impression and keep an audience attentive to your speech.

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Technical specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Veil A: 300cm x 150cm
    • Veil B: 180cm x 100cm
  • Weight: 500 grams
  • Color: White, Gray or Black*
  • Material: Holographic tulle
  • Fixing system: Border with notches
  • Projector brightness: 6,000 Lumens minimum

* The choice of the color of the holographic veil is to be determined according to the place where the veil will be placed, so that it is as little visible as possible for an optimal illusion.

Available colors

White holographic veil
White holographic veil
Gray holographic veil
Gray holographic veil
Black holographic veil
Black holographic veil


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