Innovative hologram project for Lingo during Paris Blockchain Week 2024

A successful collaboration with Hologram Studio

In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, the need to stand out at major events is essential.

It is with this in mind that Lingo, an emerging company in the Web3 ecosystem, chose to collaborate with Hologram Studio to create an unforgettable user experience during Paris Blockchain Week 2024 at the prestigious Carousel du Louvre.

A major challenge

Lingo, eager to stand out in the competitive world of blockchain, entrusted Hologram Studio with transforming their stand into a true technological showcase. The objective? Capture the attention of participants and immerse them in the unique world of Lingo using cutting-edge technologies.

Captivating holographic creations

To meet this challenge, our team at Hologram Studio implemented its expertise by creating several three-dimensional media elements:

  • 3D animation of the Lingo logo: A dynamic logo floating in 3D, creating an attractive focal point as visitors enter.
  • 3D animation of the brand mascot: The mascot, a key element of Lingo’s visual identity, was animated in hologram, adding a playful and engaging character to the stand.
  • Motion Design: Moving design elements continued to enrich the visual experience, keeping visitors engaged throughout their visit.
Holographic propeller for LINGO

Technology used

To stage these media, two types of holographic devices were used:

  • HD3 holographic pyramid: This technology made it possible to project high definition holograms, visible at 360 degrees, thus ensuring maximum visibility of 3D animations.
  • Holographic Propeller: Complementing the pyramid, the propeller offered a mesmerizing view of images suspended in the air, making it appear as if the elements were floating around visitors.

Public reaction and customer satisfaction

The result ? A stand that did not fail to amaze. Visitors were truly amazed by the quality and originality of the holographic presentations. The interaction between the traditional elements of the stand and the innovations brought by the holograms created a rich and memorable experience.

As for our client, Lingo, their satisfaction was evident. The visual impact and engagement generated by the stand exceeded their expectations, reinforcing their innovative brand image in the Web3 space.


This collaboration with Lingo at Paris Blockchain Week 2024 highlights the importance of innovation in business communication. At Hologram Studio, we are proud to have contributed to this success and remain at the forefront of holographic technology to continue to offer solutions that transform the advertising and events space.

For more information on our services and future collaborations, do not hesitate to contact us.