Holograms creation for Afflelou brand

Alain Afflelou innovated by using hologram and mixed reality technology from Hologram Studio during the back-to-school brunch for his franchisees.

In the optics and acoustics sector, Alain Afflelou is recognized for his commitment to quality and trust.

In this vein, the brand recently launched two revolutionary new products: the Ephémère disposable contact lens and the Incognito IA connected hearing aid.

Mixed reality hologram for the Ephémère lens.

On October 1, 2023, these innovations were unveiled during the Franchisee Brunch at Fouquet’s, located on the most prestigious avenue in the world.

Alain Afflelou lors du Brunch des Franchisés au Fouquet's.

Alain Afflelou during the Franchisee Brunch at Fouquet’s.

Pour cette occasion, la réalité mixte holographique, combinant animations numériques et produits physiques grâce à la technologie de la pyramide holographique, a été utilisée.

Mixed reality hologram for the Incognito AI hearing aid.

Cette technologie de réalité mixte a permis de créer des expériences immersives inédites. Les produits Ephémère et Incognito IA ont été présentés comme des chefs-d’œuvre virtuels, éblouissant les franchisés par cette forme innovante de publicité sur le lieu de vente.

Discovery of the mixed reality hologram of the Ephémère lens.

Discovery of the mixed reality hologram of the Ephémère lens.

Le Fouquet’s was transformed into an elegant Afflelou boutique for the occasion, offering franchisees the chance to discover the group’s latest innovations, while enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch and attending an impressive dance show.

This exceptional day is the result of a remarkable collaboration between passionate people and dedicated organizations.

We express our gratitude to the AFFLELOU Group and the WMH Project agency for their confidence in the use of our immersive technologies.