Presentation of SkinCeuticals hyaluronic acid serums in hologram

In partnership with the Canadian agency BICOM, we created a hologram advertising campaign for North American influencers to present the different hyaluronic acid serums from the L’Oréal SkinCeuticals brand.

SkinCeuticals Hologram Hyaluronic Acid Serums

Each influencer received a package containing the 4 serums to promote as well as holographic instructions (Magic Hologram pyramid + instruction leaflet with QR Code to the holographic video). By placing his holographic kit on his smartphone, he could then discover through 3D Motion Design the 4 best-selling products from the number 1 Antioxidant brand, SkinCeuticals!

Influencers discover their pack of goodies and the Magic Hologram holographic pyramid!

A video of a Holographic Speaker lasting just over a minute allowed us to follow a presentation of the advantages and benefits of using these serums.

Holographic Speaker presenting SkinCeuticals products

Then, different holographic animations mixing real shots and Motion Design allow you to discover professional tips and tricks for using each product.

The campaign had real success and incredible visibility!

«Thanks to the pyramid and all the components of the campaign, we reached 80.3 million impressions for 250 mailings across Canada. »

Marla Scattolin
Integrated Communications Leader
Skinceuticals at L’Oréal

Article published in Le Grenier on the news of August 23, 2021

Article published in Le Grenier on the news of August 23, 2021