Creation of holographic mascots/virtual agents for BNP Paribas and HelloBank!

BNP Paribas and HelloBank! called on our know-how during the 2018 and 2019 editions of VIVAtech to bring their mascots HelloïZ (HelloBank!) and Telmi (BNP) to life.

HelloïZ was available in three holographic experiences which dazzled visitors to VIVAtech 2018:

Meeting with HelloïZ in real size on the stand with the use of DeepFrame, a superb augmented reality system unique in France.

Use of the customized Dreamoc HD3 holographic pyramid in the form of an interactive question-and-answer with the HelloiZ hologram using a touchscreen tablet to interact.

Holographic Goodies: visitors received a Magic Hologram pyramid with which they could view the HelloiZ hologram on their smartphone.

After the success of VIVAtech 2018, the BNP Paribas teams decided to create Telmi, the new BNP Paribas virtual agent and present it at VIVAtech 2019.

This time, the device chosen included holographic propellers installed at a height of more than 4m, a superb traffic stopper which could be seen from more than 80m away and the use of the Dreamoc XL3 holographic pyramid for its advantageous size, ideal for informing the visitors on their location in a stand of more than 600m² thanks to an interactive holographic map presented by Telmi. Ideal for sympathizing with this new virtual agent.